Corporate Drift Experience – Drift Tuition

Drifting has been a huge hit in Japan and the US and is set to become big in the UK, now is the time to get your co workers involved!

Our corporate days are ideal for team building, and is a brilliant outside activity for your collegues to participate in. Try your skills at the very same track that BDC and EDC (British and European championship) drivers Practice Track Time On The Track you will learn the following skills with a Pro Driver in our fully race prepared Japanese drift cars.

Drifting, Car Control, Corner To Corner Braking, Drifting Techniques (Braking Drift, E-Brake, Feint Drift, Heel And Toe, Power Over, Swaying Brake Drift).

The object of drifting is to manoeuvre your car through corners at speeds and angles beyond it ‘s ability to grip the track, whilst maintaing control and building driving skill.

Corporate Drift Experience Days

Where Is It Held?

Our corporate drift experiences are held at the best technical drift track in the UK, Lydd International Raceway, at Herons Park in Kent, not too far from Dover.

Visit the Lydd International Raceway Website (warning:music will play)

Corporate Experience Day Information

With safety briefing and introduction to Drifting and example DVDS of the skills required. Free tea and coffee and bacon rolls or toast. Instructors will be on hand from 9am for questions and answers. Safety equipment will be assigned and is included in the price.

  • Day starts at 09.00
  • Sign on 09.00
  • Breifing and Tuition 09.30

Morning Session

  • Track Opens at 10.00

Introduction to the drift cars and the group will be split into 3 groups of 5 based on size and ability



Once the groups are familiar with the cars and track the fun can begin and drivers begin their drift experience.We will be running trackside tuition and one to one tuition in car ,at all times an instructor will be in car to assist and advise the drivers.Passenger rides will be available all day at no extra cost and operated in a separate car as not to take seat time from the group, these are one of the greatest ways to learn how the pros do it.

  • Lunch time 13.00-13.30

Traditional cafe food from the trackside cafe. More Drift DVD’s and any one-one tuition that may be required of instructors or pointers to aid them.

Ham egg ‘n’ chips, burgers, bacon sandwhiches and many more delicious, stustainable food is included as cost of lunch at the cafe can be included at £5.00 p/h.

After Lunch Session

Back on track to conclude the instruction and on to a JUDGED competition with trophys for 1st 2nd and 3rd and certificates of completetion for all. Judging the runs is all very straight forward, participants will drive accompanied with instructor and be advised in the style, line and speed.

The Drift Cars Available

  • 2x Nissan Skylines
  • 1x Nissan PS13 Silvia

All fully track prepared drift cars each with over 300 pure, tyre shreadding, adrenaline pumping horse power to be unleashed by you! There will also be spare cars in case of any mechanical breakdowns, drifting is very stressful on cars, no matter how strong a caliber, driving will test you and the cars limits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much driving time do you actually get?

Every 10 minutes you will be driving. Your group has a drift car and instructor. Everyone gets 1-2 laps depending on spins and skill level. When you then swap over with the next driver we normally find by the time you calm down by the buzz of your run and tell your friends and stop laughing, it usually your turn again.

Is this drift day a shared track day also?

We have the track to ourselves for this corporate event. Also Drift cars are only on hand to offer passenger rides FOC with some of our professional drivers/instructors.

Vehicle reliability and spares on the day?

In the event of a car failure or accident we bring on the spares!! But there is not an endless supply of spare cars!

Driver tuition for less skilled people

In the case of a driver having too much ‘red-mist’. We will have to give them stationary lessons and one-one training until we feel they have calmed down. Then they will proceed back on to the track for a reappraisal and more drifting.

Are all car maintenance costs included in the day?

Yes the full price will include tires, fuel and any other parts that need for maintenance and upkeep of the cars through the day.

After the evening session approximately 16.00

A final get together of the group with instructors

Trophy presentation to the most improved and best drivers

Evening meal at the Herons Bar

Prices and information for Food at the “Herons Bar”

The heron bar is located at the Track but not actually trackside, as is the cafe.

Prices start at £5.00 for buffet

  • 2 Piece Carvery £10.95
  • 3 Piece Carvery £16.00
  • Beers (Per Pint) £2.50
  • Soft Drinks £2.00

Herons bar is Comfy and a nice place for a private meeting and as an overhead projector for the use of further tuition and if required a a video session or a dvd can be reproduced for this day.

If a plasma screen is required for any internal meetings for the group or presentations, please ask and we can accommodate for this at the on-site track cafe.

There is no charge for use of the corporate facilities, just a minimum of £5.00 p/h food bill.

All Trophies and Certificates can be awarded in the bar.


Drift experience including lunch/buffet and sighting laps in go karts x 15.

Don’t delay, book your Drift Gift Experience Day today, call 07506677567 for more details!

Duration Prices
Full Day £299
Half Day £175